Knock at the Cabin (2023) Review

Knock at the Cabin (2023) Directed by: M. Night Shyamalan StarringDave BautistaJonathan GroffBen AldridgeNikki Amuka-BirdKristen CuiAbby QuinnRupert Grint Streaming: Available to rent online, or in theatres "Am I Speaking with Daddy Eric or Daddy Andrew" It seems that Shyamalan works better with these types of movies due to the smaller scope of the film (although... Continue Reading →

On the Count of Three (2022) Review

On the Count of Three Directed byJerrod Carmichael StarringJerrod CarmichaelChristopher AbbottTiffany HaddishJ. B. SmooveLavell CrawfordHenry Winkler Streaming: Hulu (US only) StarringJerrod CarmichaelChristopher AbbottTiffany HaddishJ. B. SmooveLavell CrawfordHenry Winkler oncept make this "buddy" drama wholly entertaining. There are moments of comedy that help the movie along, even as if deals with very heavy and delicate subject... Continue Reading →

Best Production Design

A movie wouldn’t be anything without good production design, a room is just a room but it needs to be fitted with the right paint, decorations, carpet, and more to bring you back to the 70s, or bring you into the future, or into a Marvel universe. Thanks for Reading, click here for my links... Continue Reading →

Best horror movies of 2022

Some pretty great horror this year, some I didn’t consider horror enough were Holy Spider and The Menu (either could have topped the list).These are my top 9 of the year, with my favourite horror movie of 2022 coming 15-20 minutes after this post, just to give anyone the chance to guess what it may... Continue Reading →

Best visual effects of 2022

People work so hard on visual effects, we’ve even heard lately the VFX artists behind the MCU are frustrated and say they are met with unreasonable timelines to get all of the effects done.I’m a sucker for practical effects, so I’ve added one here that I thought that was pretty great (10).These days it’s hard... Continue Reading →

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